Facebook Now Integrated – Soon to be Called SkyNet

Facebook is everywhere now. Or so it seems. I would suspect it’s the entity that will soon enslave our world, which means now should be the time to act. Let’s stand up against such evil. But it makes some things so convenient. Like integrating it into blogs! So I’ve done what any of us would do. I’ve added the ability to post using your facebook information, which eliminates the need to add your name and email. If you are logged in to facebook, this happens automagically. If you aren’t logged in to facebook, why are you not logged in to facebook? Hopefully this works as it should. If it doesn’t I think I will bang my fists on something hard and curse loudly. Or I won’t actually do that. Now I have you wondering what I will do, right? I’m so mysterious.

If you sign up to be a user of this blog, I will be able to send updates to your email or facebook page, in addition to being able to create events.

  • http://gnomercy.org Quint

    I will comment here for an additional test of this feature.