JJ Abrams’ Mystery Box

I love filmmakers. Sure, actors are great, they can turn a bad movie or a bad script into something enjoyable simply with their presence. And there are many other people behind a great movie that I could write on and on about. But great filmmakers not only make great films, they make everyone around them great. You could bank on at least one actor in a Darren Aronofsky film at least being nominated for an Oscar. Who honestly believed Natalie Portman could be as great as she was in Black Swan? Even Jared Leto turned in a fantastic performance in Requiem for a Dream. As much as those actors deserve the praise, I would count on Aronofsky being the catalyst to bring them over the top.

One of my favorite directors is JJ Abrams. The man can tell a story as well as anyone. If I had to come up with one reason why I like Abrams so much, it would be restraint. Few directors have suddenly found all the access and privilege of success as quickly as Abrams. Even though his projects have largely been big budget action films, he’s stayed squarely focused on the people in the story.

Watch the TED video below to see what I mean if you didn’t know already. This is a great talk that I really got into. Enjoy.


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