Site Updates!

As you can see, if you’ve ever seen this blog before now, everything is different. That’s because I crave change. Variety and the spice of life, right? Mostly the old server was only meant to be termporary and it was dropping commands like crazy, making me look like a lazy site manager. I’m not lazy, damnit! You know how many movies I’ve put off making this thing?

The biggest improvements, other than visually, should be server speed and it’s much easier to type than that old address. I’ve also done a better job at implementing events and sharing my movie collection. I’ve also added a gallery, which, over time, will become much more populated. But it currently has a few images of the theater in its current state.

Let me know if you like the new site design and if you have any suggestions for improvement. Cheers, and happy movie watching!

  • Dan

    I like it!

    Looks really good, Garret.