Spongebob’s House

I haven’t written much about actual math and movies on this site yet (that was the original plan), but I’m working on a number of articles (ha, number…) that are math related. Perhaps I shouldn’t divide (haha!) my attention and if I focused on one idea at a time, I’d actually get some original content up here. But until then, I have found someone else’s original content and decided to repost it here. And this actually has some math involved!

Vi Hart, who I’ve recently discovered and I think is great, has a blog that is mostly math and music related. She has some great videos that make mathematical concepts a lot of fun while exposing that it’s okay to love math and hate math classes at the same time. It really is possible! I suddenly don’t feel so alone in this world.

One of her videos, which I’ve posted below, concerns itself with a concept I’m much more familiar with; film. In this case, that might be stretching things a bit, but Spongebob Squarepants is a movie, even if he’s mostly known for television. But we have television related stuff on here all the time, so is it really stretching things? Probably not.

Vi has a complaint with Nickelodeon and the issue is Sponebob’s pineapple house under the sea. Nevermind the other impossibilities related to Spongebob, of which there are many, Vi doesn’t think the pineapple represented in the show is real. Again, nevermind the obvious, Vi sets out to prove, mathematically, that the pineapple isn’t real. What is it then? I fake pineapple? A toy pineapple? Vi doesn’t speculate. Check out the video and I highly recommend watching her other videos and devouring her site like I am doing this very moment.

Via: Vihart.com

  • Becky lee

    I think this just blew my mind!! I never knew so much about pineapples.