Gnomercy.org is a Revival House Theater or perhaps a Repertory Cinema…actually it’s just a personal home theater from a guy who loves movies and loves to share movies. This blog does not represent a business, just a passion. I’m not trying to sell anything, though if I could make money just talking about and watching movies, well, that’s the dream.

The idea for the name came from a number of sources. First, when I was an undergraduate and a Resident Advisor, our staff stole another staff’s garden gnome while their building was under construction. It was during training week and we thought it would be fun to up the rivalry. We paraded the gnome around all week and developed a chant of “Gnomercy!” when our competetive sides were at their peak. It was a not very clever way of us to say we have your gnome, and we aren’t going to give you any mercy.

When my wife and I moved to Maine and rented a house with a nice (although heavily wood-paneled) basement, a home theater was born. Something I’ve been waiting for for a very long time. It was important to name this home theater, and it was not easy to come up with an idea. I liked the idea of the Cooper Lounge. A Twin Peaks reference that fit in well with the whole wood panel thing. But as much as I like Twin Peaks, I wasn’t fully convinced. Gnomercy was thrown around a bit and finally won out because my wife made a great drawing of a gnome (theater mascot!) with 3D glasses on. The whole thing reminded me of Amelie and how the gnome in that movie gets to travel. So I envisioned a gnome that got to go in and out of movies at will, sort of like a less annoying Danny Madigan in Last Action Hero. If you haven’t seen it, it’s about a golden ticket that lets a movie viewer walk into the screen, and into the reality of the film.

And finally, the whole No Mercy play still works in this case, because it’s all movies, all the time. Our gnome will not let you rest, and he’s very opinionated for some reason.

At the heart of the Home Theater is the Panasonic PT-AE700U, the projector I’ve been dreaming about for years even though it was just released in the Fall 0f 2011.

The screen is a 120″ ultra wide screen to accomodate those very cinematic epics where screen real estate really matters!

I am using a PS3 for the primary video display, but for 3D films I am using a Panasonic DMP-BDT310.

The receiver is a Sony [model number coming soon].

Speakers are a mix of sony for the front ends and rears.

The center channel, surrounds, and subwoofer are BIC America and are holy jesus great!

If you would like to contact me, please email at garret@gnomercy.org